My name is Elaine Buckley, and I spend a lot of my time on sidelines.

Working in sports TV production leads me to many different fields of play, both at home and abroad. Online journalistic pursuits involve attending as many different sporting events as possible. Volunteering in, competing in and supporting club sport means frequent trips to hockey and football pitches. Like I said – I spend a lot of my time on sidelines.

For too long, women’s sport was sidelined. Under-covered, under-funded, under-attended – with each discrepancy deemed to be the fault of another. Without a doubt, throughout the past decade the tide has turned and strong progress is continually being made. I have witnessed this sea-change first-hand, on the sidelines.

THE SIDELINE VIEW is a portfolio of my work to date focusing on sportswomen, a platform to write features in the field, and a portal to connect with the wider women’s sporting community.