My name is Elaine Buckley, and I spend a lot of my time on sidelines.

Working in sports TV production immerses me in many different major events and competitions. Journalistic pursuits lead me to observing and attending a broad range of sporting events, both at home in Ireland and abroad. Volunteering in, competing in and supporting club sport means frequent trips to grassroots fields of play. Like I said – I spend a lot of my time on sidelines.

For too long, women’s sport was sidelined – under-covered, under-funded, under-attended. Throughout the past decade the tide has slowly but surely turned, and strong progress is continually being made. I have witnessed this sea-change first-hand, on the sidelines.

I have both presented and contributed to podcasts, programmes and panels focussing on the development of women’s sport. I have also worked with NGBs, organisations, media outlets and brands on campaigns and initiatives focusing on perceptions of women’s sport.

THE SIDELINE VIEW is a portfolio of my work to date focusing on sportswomen, a platform to write features in the field, and a portal to connect with the wider women’s sporting community.